I’ve never enjoyed the sight of a stack of unclaimed papers on my desk–or the feeling that I could provide no better venue for student scholarship. In my classes, I build assignments wherein students can produce work for a wider and more public audience. Below, I share some of that work from over the years.

— Students from Community Environmental Projects (Spring ’19) worked with community partners in the Susquehanna Valley region on projects of sustainability, resilience, and environmental crisis. Check out some of their reports in the Coal Region of Pennsylvania, housed in Bucknell’s Digital Commons.

— Students from Global Environmental History (Fall ’18), created StoryMaps with the help of Janine Glathar and Carrie Pirmann (both in Bucknell’s Library and Information Technology unit). Here are a few:

— Students from “Environmental Humanities” created websites on ideas of nature. Here are a few that stood out:

— Students from “American Environmental History” wrote “Place Papers,” in the fashion of William Cronon’s assignment:

— Students from “Global Environmental History” created entries for the Rachel Carson Center’s “Environment and Society Portal” on significant places and events in world history.

— In May 2014, my History of Ecology class updated more than 20 articles on Wikipedia and wrote a handful of new entries as well.

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