I’ve never enjoyed the sight of a stack of unclaimed papers on my desk–or the feeling that I could provide no better venue for student scholarship. In my classes, then, I seek to build assignments wherein students can produce work for a wider and more public audience. Below, I share some of that work from over the years.

— Students from Global Environmental History (Fall ’18), created StoryMaps with the help of Janine Glathar and Carrie Pirmann (both in Bucknell’s Library and Information Technology unit). Here are a few:

— Students from “Environmental Humanities” created websites on ideas of nature. Here are a few that stood out:

— Students from “American Environmental History” wrote “Place Papers,” in the fashion of William Cronon’s assignment:

— Students from “Global Environmental History” created entries for the Rachel Carson Center’s “Environment and Society Portal” on significant places and events in world history.

— In May 2014, my History of Ecology class updated more than 20 articles on Wikipedia and wrote a handful of new entries as well.

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